Get the latest information with Chuck Shelton's Mobile Bobcat and Stump Grinding

Chuck Shelton is ready to assist with your property clean up

If you were one of the many homeowner's who lost their home in the recent wildfire's and your rebuilding project is in need of clean up-look no further. 

Rebuilding can be an arduous task with unforeseen delays such as waiting perhaps weeks for debris drop boxes to be delivered. If you have already had soils and debris tested and passed with county and state inspections yet you can't move forward with the building because of your debris-I can help with sorting and clearing your building area by sorting and staging your wood, metal, concrete and miscellaneous debris for later pick up. 

In addition to having the required inspection for contamination completed, I would also require USA-North to verify the location of underground utility cables and lines. In the event of any metal that may need to be cut-water would also need to be present at your location. I have my own mobile power source, so electricity on your property would not be required.

To complete your project faster, homeowner or contractor could provide a laborer to assist with groundwork so that I could focus solely on bobcat work-saving you time and money.

With a safe and secure location where I can leave my equipment, there are no additional commute charges for multiple days that may be required on your project.

You or your contractor's daily supervision of project requirements ensure your project is done right, the first time!